Benefits of Custom Building a New Home Versus Buying an Existing One

By |2017-09-11T23:02:42-04:00September 11th, 2017|Construction, Custom Homes, Design Build|

If you are like many considering a move and have been trying to find an existing home “that has everything” on your list and are having trouble then consider custom building to your specifications. With that in mind, there are a few important custom built home benefits to consider. The Process If you have

Granite, Marble or Quartz Counter tops?

By |2017-09-11T23:27:46-04:00September 7th, 2017|Architecture & Design, Construction, Custom Homes, Renovations|

Which Counter Top to Choose For Your Renovation or New Custom Home? Over the years there has been a long and heated debate between granite, marble and quartz countertops. It is understandable, as each are popular choices for homeowners. However there are a few things that homeowners should know before they decide on their

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