Meet Valerie Gerardi – A Woman of Influence

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Valerie Gerardi is a Canadian entrepreneur, co-founder and owner of Anvale Homes Inc. a custom home and renovation development company serving the GTA. Her entrance into the building industry, which is still largely male-dominated, was much more than chance or coincidence, the result of a family deeply rooted in the home construction industry and a father who

Homes Sweet Homes

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By Jackie Allan Valerie and Angelo were both born and raised in Etobicoke.  From their experience, they wanted to raise their own children, Sabrina, 18, and Michael, 16, in the west end as well. More specifically, the Kingsway.  “It’s a great location with close proximity to the airport, highways, parks, shopping, bike/running trails and great

Granite, Marble or Quartz Counter tops?

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Which Counter Top to Choose For Your Renovation or New Custom Home? Over the years there has been a long and heated debate between granite, marble and quartz countertops. It is understandable, as each are popular choices for homeowners. However there are a few things that homeowners should know before they decide on their